Petone Beach Clean Up

today 17 July 2022my_locationWestern End Petone Beach

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The western end of Petone Beach is a catchment area for plastic. Plastic that is washed up on the beach by the tides. An easy way to make a positive difference to our environment is to help by picking it all up! Every piece of plastic collected is one less piece for marine life to consume, one less piece for marine life to become entangled in.

If you would like to come along and help clean up Petone Beach, the Petone Beach Clean Up Crew will be set up in front of the blue/yellow Wellington Waterski Clubrooms. To get there, turn right as you enter at Honiana Te Puni Reserve and drive down to the end to the large parking area next to the waterski clubroom. Just look for the bright orange beach clean up flag !

Please bring garden gloves! Buckets are also ideal to bring along to collect the small pieces of plastic, however sacks will be provided. Kids and doggies are most welcome to join in.

Don’t forget to bring your reusable cup for a hot tea or coffee after.

Begin 17 July 2022 H 10:00 am
End 17 July 2022 H 11:30 am
Location Western End Petone Beach
Link https://www.facebook.com/events/430421465632586/
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