Cheeze Pleeze

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Sunday 8:00 am 9:00 am

Since 2002 Internet radio fans around the world have been tuning in with delight and disgust to Cheeze Pleeze, hosted by Snarfdude and by first Moondog, and now currently, Daffodil. Each week the duo drops an irreverent mix of alternative cuts, celebrity oddities, novelty tunes and remakes sure to shock awe entertain and even baffle listeners.


Trimmed into to a uninterrupted 30 minute package, many of original series feature continue including the Celebrity Slip Up. Where you’ll hear fun features like the Glove Compartment Gouda, One Hit Wonder Why’s, Chart Topping Cheezies, Catbox Coverups, and Monster Truck/WWE flavored “Twin Tunes Death Match”. It’s a fast paced half hour of the weirdest tracks ever laid to anyone’s ears compiled for your listening pleasure by two questionable nut jobs who agree that this is the true alternative music.


Snarfdude and Daffodil welcome and encourage indie artists from around the world to send their CDs or MP3 links for play on Cheeze Pleeze hey, you never know who might be listening! Among those who have already done this are Chance Langton and the Modest Lads. They’ve also helped renew interest in some obsecure songs, like “Disco’s In the Garbage” and “Coffee Shop Cop” both of which are endorsed by the artists/producers to be placed on the show download page, and played on the show.

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