Mike Dee - Group Programme Director

MikeDee 2ZM 1981
Programme Manager

Starting at 2ZM in 1974, Mike has over 45 years experience in radio announcing and Programming.  His history includes Announcer, working a variety of shifts including Nights, Afternoons and Breakfast - then after a 1 year break doing breakfast at Radio Waikato in 1979 - Drive Announcer and Music Director back at 2ZM. Lured 'over the road', Mike joined Radio Windy as Music Director and Drive Announcer. Followed by Programme & Music Director at  The Breeze where he stayed in various capacities until the late 1990s . Mike also helped set up the first private station news network (IRN/ Independent Radio News) in New Zealand. At this point in 1999, Mike became disillusioned by the consolidation of stations into networks run out of Auckland and went into temporary 'retirement'.

That did not last long.

In  2001 Mike was approached about starting a "Community" station in the Hutt Valley, where Mike and his family (then consisting of wife Anna and four teenage kids) had resided on and off since Mike was a mere stripling in 1965, jumped at the chance as it was a complete turnaround from the "Network" formats that were (and still are) stifling "local" content.

Long story short: Mike was instrumental in facilitating the incarnation of "Hutt Radio". After originally lobbying for an AM license using an unused Access frequency, the then Labour Government offered frequencies in all main centres for local, Charitable groups and societies to apply for as "Community Licenses". Mike co-wrote a 60+ page application for the FM frequency (106.1) which eventually won, The station ran successfully until the 5 year license (against 10 - 20 years in other centres) was put up for re-application. Political pressures from entrenched Wellington lobbyists spoiled that local, Hutt Valley, dream. It is also worth noting that in 2009 the incoming National Government with then Minister Steve Joyce (of Energy FM and MediaWorks), canned the local "Community Licenses" within a month of gaining power.

Mike Dee is still here, flying the flag for local, Hutt Valley, radio.

Mike Dee 4th from top left at 2ZM in 1976

Mike Dee 1976, top, 4th from left, with Lloyd Scott, David Jones, John Stier, Jimmy Stewart, Phil Langdon, Danny Phillips