Hutt Radio News Bulletins

Submitted by Mike Dee on Sun, 16/08/2020 - 19:18

Hutt Radio is very grateful to have two of the most trusted names in News as our Broadcast Partners... the BBC World Service... and now RNZ News.

While we have the Pandemic, some of these times may be bumped for breaking news... here is the lineup for up to 14 hours a day - 114 bulletins per week!

OK here is the Schedule of full News & Weather Mon to Friday and originator (HR = Hutt Radio, BBCWS = BBC World Service). All bulletins (except am Headlines) include a 3 day weather forecast and conditions.

6am: HR

7am: HR

8am: HR

9am: HR

10am: RNZ

11am: RNZ

12pm: RNZ

1pm: BBCWS World at One

2pm: RNZ

3pm: RNZ

4pm: RNZ

5pm: RNZ

6pm: RNZ

7pm: RNZ

8pm: RNZ

News Headlines & Weather, Monday - Friday:

6.30am: HR

7.30am: HR

8.30am: HR

9.30am: HR