George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - 50 years on

Submitted by Mike Dee on Sat, 7/08/2021 - 19:47

Sunday (8th Aug) 3PM.... and ..... Wednesday (11th) 8PM


GEORGE HARRISON - ALL THINGS MUST PASS AT 50: ALL ACCESS - COMMERCIAL VERSION SEGMENT TIME RUNNING TIME SEGMENT ONE TRACK ONE Intro: (Music Up) "On Tuesday..." "My Sweet Lord" "Wah Wah" "Isn't It a Pity" (Take 27) "Cosmic Empire" (Day 2 Demo) Outro: "…in a few minutes." (Music Fade) 26:05 4:30 - LOCAL AVAILS 30:35 *** SEGMENT TWO TRACK TWO Intro: (Music Up) "Thanks for...” “Beware of Darkness" “Awaiting on You All" "Run of the Mill" (Take 36) Outro: “…in a few moments.” (Music Fade) 13:36 4:30 - LOCAL AVAILS 48:41 *** SEGMENT THREE TRACK THREE Intro: (Music Up) “Thanks for bringing...” “What Is Life" “All Things Must Pass" Outro: “…Thanks for listening.” (Music Fade) 11:54 1:00:3

50 years on