Hutt Region Content:

This originates from both our station personnel and a whole gamut of community organisations and individuals. Content includes news, current affairs, business, history, music, sport, environment, all sorts of lifestyle topics [including gardening, recreation activities, et al], our film industry, debates, arts [including short stories, poetry, drama, children’s material, quizzes, a local soap], etc.

Greater Wellington’s Mature Citizens:

No other station/network deliberately targets these demographics so there’ll be a natural migration to us. Most of our content will appeal to these listeners, but some won’t - some will be just too Hutt-centric for our out-of-towners, however this will be minimal. According to The Radio Bureau’s survey figures, April 2000, 10 years plus: at least 80% of all Wellington area radio listeners are adults 25 plus years, yet approx 80% of the radio stations target the youth market, ie 10 to 24 years. No station claims to target the 60+ years.

Hutt Radio Museum:

A major activity is to archive current Hutt material, and unearth existing material which has not been collected in the past. One of our few employed staff will be an Archivist position, which underlines it’s high status. Treating “museum” programming as normal daily content instead of the oh-gosh-golly novelty approach taken by, e.g., National Radio sets us very much apart from any other broadcaster. Integrated into our daily operations we’re a living aural museum.

Hutt Emergency Services:

We can’t stress enough the value of Hutt Radio whenever we have a civil emergency. We flood regularly, have fires, we suffer major road problems and accidents, we’re on a seriously serious faultline, the Armed Offenders Squad unfortunately knows our region backwards. Need we go on? Our official services require our station.