Business Connect episode 20 - David Downer

Submitted by James Scott on Sat, 25/04/2020 - 10:30
David Downer

Episode 20 of Business Connect looks at D-Fluff. Most people would have seen one of their bright red vehicles parked somewhere over the past nine years, installing or removing insulation from Wellington to the Waiarapa, Wanganui, Fielding, Palmerston North and the Kapiti Coast.

All that came to a halt when the lockdown was announced. With employees to consider, the first thing owner David Downer did was apply for the wage subsidy. And apply. And apply. When we spoke to him, he was awaiting the outcome of his third try.

D-Fluff received the correct wage subsidy a day after this interview was recorded – 17 days after New Zealand first went into lockdown and around a month after the payment was introduced, but this interview tells of the confusion and stress many employers faced in receiving it.