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Hutt Gardener's Journal - 19th December 2012

Christmas Roses 2012:

Xmas Roses 2012

This week it's  - garden tidy-up for christmas (weeding a plenty), strawberry picking, tying up and feeding tomatoes in the greenhouse, a white hen laying in the bush, potting up succulents & coleus plants, growing up sunflower seedlings well away from snails and slugs, and a summary of gardening tasks for December/January.

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 5th December 2012

Poppies from Blenheim's Pollard Gardens:

Poppies 2012

This week it's  - a walk around Blenheim's Pollard Gardens, storing polyanthus for winter planting, compost heap turning over time, building up soil around potato plants (using cardboard boxes), clipping back ivy and virginia creeper, weeding time, box hedge clipping ready for a begonia & fuchsia display,


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