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Hutt Gardener's Journal -16th January 2013

Coleus Display 2013:

Coleus  2013

This week it's  - grape thinning and spraying (Lime Sulphur), seed sowing - Granny's Bonnets and Beetroot (in toilet rolls), open up garden of over-hanging branches, more lettuse seeds sown in tray, moving out begonias into shady spots in the garden, rework the sprinkler system. Ideas for a dry bank in a garden.

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 9th January 2013

Lavenders 2013:

Lavenders 2013

This week it's  - garden furniture makeover rather than buy/replace; sweeping up leafs (busy leaf fall) and lawn cutting, replanting flower beds for late summer displays, dead heading roses, penstemmon transplanting, thinning leafs from front plants to help crowded out back of bed plants, monarch butterfly and lavender appreciation.


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