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Hutt Gardener's Journal - 8th May 2013

This week it's  - replacing geraniums in hanging troughs with polyanthus plants; composting old strawberry plants, dahlia trimming, storing plants in the hot house for winter, keeping rat stations baited, transplanting & severe pruning for sweet williams, potato harvesting - keeping smaller potatoes for next season, planting around the dammed creek.  This week's

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 1st May 2013

This week it's  - storing geraniums inside for winter (let them dry out), tidy-up branches overhanging the path & driveway, feeding the lawns with more liquid manure (nitrogen rich), terracing the creek ready for planting (to reduce erosion), composting tomato & capsicums and bagging their soil for use on other types of plants.  This week's question - what can be done about clover

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 24th April 2013

This week it's  - watching the capsicums change colour as they ripen, dusting tuberous begonias & storing them for winter, time to tend to lawns - weed/feed & cut; avoid over-watering pot plants - remove saucers, gather potash from wood-burners for compost heaps, a third flush of roses, damming the creek and discovering life in the creek .... 

Hutt Gardener's Journal -17th April 2013

This week it's  - more leaf sweeping up from the Virginian creepers, applying liquid manure to the lawns for autumn growth/feed - update on new hens (and establishing a new pecking order), dahlia pruning but no pruning to the in-flower perennials of penstemon /lavatera and regal pelargonium.  This week's question is on what vegetables could be grown in dark-wet spot

Hutt Gardener's Journal -10th April 2013

This week it's  - continuing construction of the rose & grape walk, leaf vacuuming when it's dry (excellent leaf mulch material), damming the creek (future water reserve), still more tomatoes ripening, drying out tuberous begonias for winter storage, time to propagate half-hardy perennials and this week's question - why do tomatoes have thick skins this year?.

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 13th March 2013

This week it's  - The water shortage, removing broad leaf weeds from the lawn, retaining wall finishing off, restoring the lower pond by the creek and making it secure as its deeper than 400mm, a tomato bumper crop update with plenty of capsicum as well, caterpillar treatment with Derris Dust, and three ways to reduce water consumption.

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