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Hutt Gardener's Journal - 12th June 2013

This week it's - June is all about pruning - grape vine pruning is SLOWLY progressing as I move them down from their top wire to the middle wire (why? - bird damage), pruning the hydrangae bushes and taking cuttings & flowers for drying from them as prune, treating broad leaf weeds in the lawn (before it gets too cold), looking at the colour in the winter garden (admire the impatiens in a herb pot which are still flowering 6-7 months after being planted), and this week's question - what can be propagated in June?

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Hutt Gardener's Journal - 29th May 2013

This week it's  - More on seeds & seedlings - violas, granny's bonnets, catmint, native flax and the danger of fox gloves on pets. It's holly berry season (see photo) and I'm still picking cherry tomatoes.  Grape pruning continues - the spurs method on the muscat hamburg vines and taking grape cuttings from the prunings.

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 22nd May 2013

This week it's  - Seeds & seedlings - larkspur germinates after 4 months, sowing Kaka Beak seeds (dip into boiling water then soak on kitchen paper until double in size), nerines come into flower, pick the last begonia flowers (see photo), weed & mulch the rose garden and discover more self-seeded seedlings, and protect impatiens from the cold weather (st

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 15th May 2013

This week it's  - Replanting a herb pot with polyanthus & primula plants, tending a kowhai seedling, strawberry plantings, restarting cyclamen corms - liquid feed them, splitting primulas into multiple plantlets, watch watering & drainage of pot plants and tasks for May incuding: fruit tree pruning, fruit tree transplanting especially lime & lemons, d


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