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Hutt Gardener's Journal - 31st August 2011

This week from Korokoro it's  - planting out perennials (lavatera), watching out for dry pot plants under the eaves (water them), breaking the soil crust after the snow, recycling old potting soil, an update on the health of the goldfish and hen peckers, and installing a new water feature pump and exterior garden lights (Part One).

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Hutt Gardener's Journal - 24th August 2011

This week from Korokoro it's  - exploring the garden whilst it snows, re-arranging the greenhouse (under-cover), achieving the milestone of completing grape vine pruning, the great egg discovery of 2011, coming to grips with Hutt City Council's re-cycling nets (think green bins), and rose pruning techniques (for Ice-berg roses prune lightly - 1/3rd off)

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 10th August 2011

Things to do in August - excluding the current polar blast, as it slowly warms up, things to do this month include: finishing winter pruning of roses, kiwifruit & grapes, feeding lawns with a nitrogen fertiliser, lifting and dividing clumps of perennial herbs, spraying roses, vines and deciduous fruit trees, sow seeds indoors for lettuce/beans and with heat tomatoes & peppers. Start planting up new season container gardens of flowers and vegetables.

Hutt Gardener's Journal - 13th July 2011

This week it's - water blasting brick work, feeding roses potash from wood burners, cutting back the pussy willow for next winter's kindling, weed spraying, mulching dormant vegetable gardens, strawberry spraying and watching out for caterpillar damage.

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