Business Connect episode 11 - Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell

Although vital to winter safety, avoiding chimney fires by having them swept is not listed as an essential service. Even under Level 3, entering a home to clean a chimney would be forbidden.

In episode 11 of Business Connect, we find that owners of chimney sweeping businesses like Chimney Magic’s Alan Campbell have been given no guidance as to whether they’re allowed to operate, leaving them in legal limbo.

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Business Connect episode 10 - Belinda Devlin

Belinda Devlin

Occupying the area formerly known as Kaitoke Country Gardens Aston Norwood, is a wedding and function venue on 14 acres of beautiful gardens in Upper Hutt.

But with groups no longer allowed to gather – and that likely being the case for quite some time – how will this business survive? For episode 10 of Business Connect, we spoke to manager Belinda Devlin.

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Business Connect episode 9 - Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Restaurant and cafe owners are badly affected by lockdown, with no way to generate any revenue but bills still needing to be paid. And little relief offered even if the alert level goes down to 3, as they still won't be able to open their doors.

We spoke to Buzz cafe owner Michael Gray to see how the High Street business is faring, and how long he thinks it can last under these conditions.

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Business Connect episode 8 - Daniel Hardie

Daniel Hardie

In episode 8 of Business Connect, we explore how an activity as reliant on physical contact as personal training is surviving the lockdown and how it might evolve in the new environment that follows it. Rex Widerstrom spoke to Daniel Hardie, a personal trainer who has his own business, Cerebellum.

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Business Connect episode 7 - Lucas Monge

Lucas Monge

Wholesalers face unique challenges during a lockdown. Always dependent on cashflow, what happens when clients can't sell the product the wholesaler has already supplied? Will they be able to pay?

del Mundo is a wholesaler of imported wines, dependent on restaurants for much of its sales. As part of our Business Connect series, in episode 7 we speak with owner and founder Lucas Monge.

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Business Connect episode 5 - Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen

With pubs and clubs closed, and the airport barely operating, Hutt-based Dial a Driver has been particularly hard hit by the lockdown.

In episode 5 of Business Connect, owner Aaron Cohen tells Rex Widerstrom that he fears it may not survive much longer, and that some businesses in the transport industry are considering a class action over lost profits and jobs.

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Business Connect episode 4 - Kate Banks

Kate Banks

The fourth episode of Hutt Radio's Business Connect talks to one of the founders of, Kate Banks. The charity aims to provide frontline workers with "wellness packs" during the Covid19 pandemic, and both individuals and businesses can contribute.

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