About Hutt Radio

HUTT RADIO 88.3FM is a family friendly, broad spectrum community station.  Geared for the Hutt Valley's mature citizens and their interests. Hutt Radio is both a community station -- and (sort of) Access radio.

 It is locals speaking to locals, with a pleasing blend of community news and light music every hour.  In-depth talk shows featuring local news, politics, community and self-help information to keep listeners in touch with their community.  Programme contributors are welcomed with full training given.  A lot of this "Access" time is free! (Although sponsorships are great too!).

This is accompanied by a broad and pleasing blend of music and features for those of us who love the music of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Our evenings and weekends feature a Magazine programme,  local ethnic groups, and specialist music programmes including Jazz and the Rock 'n' Roll era. Emphasis is given to local News and Community Information (click here to send information about your upcoming activity) - with a regular look at Council and local body Politics. Hutt Radio is the only regional outlet for the BBC World Service and presents regular bulletins from the trusted RNZ newsroom.

If you would like to volunteer to help Hutt Radio, please email our Programme Director Mike Dee at mikedee[at]huttradio.co.nz (replace [at] with @ !