Business Connect episode 7 - Lucas Monge

Lucas Monge

Wholesalers face unique challenges during a lockdown. Always dependent on cashflow, what happens when clients can't sell the product the wholesaler has already supplied? Will they be able to pay?

del Mundo is a wholesaler of imported wines, dependent on restaurants for much of its sales. As part of our Business Connect series, in episode 7 we speak with owner and founder Lucas Monge.

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Business Connect episode 5 - Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen

With pubs and clubs closed, and the airport barely operating, Hutt-based Dial a Driver has been particularly hard hit by the lockdown.

In episode 5 of Business Connect, owner Aaron Cohen tells Rex Widerstrom that he fears it may not survive much longer, and that some businesses in the transport industry are considering a class action over lost profits and jobs.

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Business Connect episode 4 - Kate Banks

Kate Banks

The fourth episode of Hutt Radio's Business Connect talks to one of the founders of, Kate Banks. The charity aims to provide frontline workers with "wellness packs" during the Covid19 pandemic, and both individuals and businesses can contribute.

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Business Connect episode 1 - Mike Noone

Mike Noone

"Business Connect" is a new Hutt Radio series, in which we talk to business people from all over the Hutt Valley about how they're coping with being unable to trade, and what they plan to do to survive after lockdown. Our first guest is Mike Noone, CEO of Tipping Point Marketing, who offers advice to SMEs on how to reach consumers in a post-Covid19 world.

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Hutt City Council rates freeze?

Tony Stallinger

In an exclusive interview with Hutt Radio, former Hutt City Council Chief Executive Tony Stallinger has come out in favour of a rates freeze.  Listen to an introduction by clicking on the heading above, or you can hear the full interview on the Official Lower Hutt Facebook page

Full interview on Hutt Radio on Friday 10th April with Rex Widerstrom.